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Shaker kitchens Islandbridge are known for the minimalism that gives them their unique style and the functionality that makes them a pleasure to cook in. Ample counter space and smooth surfaces help to maintain the clean look and convenience that define the shaker style kitchen Islandbridge. Because of the shaker kitchen Islandbridge minimalist design, shaker kitchens can be given bold combinations of colour without appearing to be overdone. Pastels, neutral tones and vibrant splashes of intense colour all look great in the shaker kitchen Islandbridge, highlighting featured cabinetry and enhancing the depth of each design

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Fitted Kitchen design and installation
We supply cream and white kitchens in Islandbridge in all shapes, colours, styles and sizes with a selection of finishes from high gloss cream and white kitchens to matte. Cream and white kitchens Islandbridge are the most popular choice for customers in Islandbridge due to their clean, stylish appearance. Cream and white kitchens Islandbridge also have the ability to provide a little more warmth

Fitted Kitchens
If you would like to visit our showroom and meet a designer or arrange a free call out service, we just need some details from you to help set up a meeting, so please complete the form below


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  • We offer a full kitchen planning and design service, using computer drawings, we can bring your dream kitchen to life Islandbridge
  • There’s nothing as traditional as a wood kitchen
  • Our Contemporary Kitchens combine high functionality and streamlined surfaces to create a modern design but we often incorporate traditional ideas as well, for a sleek but livable feel
  • Kitchens aren't just a place to cook, they're where life is lived and memories made year after year Islandbridge
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