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 iPhone 7 Headphones not working

iPhone 7 and 8 only works 1/2 of the time with the headphone to lightning jack.  I have to answer or start a call, then I can plug in my headphones.  If I start the call with the headphones in, no one can hear me.


Try the following:

Try Other Headphones
Clean the Headphone Jack
Look into the headphone jack to see if you can detect any lint
Restart the iPhone
Check AirPlay Output


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How to Fix iPhone Headphone Jack Problems

Check AirPlay Output

Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone's screen to open Control Center.

  • Look for the AirPlay button just below the volume slider and above the bottom row of icons. If AirPlay is being used, that option will be lit up and show where audio is being sent. 
  • Tap AirPlay. 
  • Tap iPhone when the next screen appears.
  • Tap Done