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 Vodafone Phone Display Blank

Vodafone Phone Dead

Vodafone phone not responding, blank screen, not tunring on.

Vodafone phone not working, phone is on but nothing working, when turning phone off the phone vibrates and nothing.


The Vodafone phone is hung, screen is not responding, from our research the CPU is not powerfull enough and as the phone is not responding  the screen is not reacting or screen is blank.

If you let the battery completly drain (ensure the phone has powered off), usuall takes a few days and then recharge phone foe a few minutes and try to turn on. When the Vodafone is turned on all will be working again.

We have tested two Vodafone phones and found this to be a fault in both phones and powering these back on usuall works a a short period before phone hangs again.


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Vodafone Phone not Responding

If the screen on your Vodafone phone is not responding you cannot reset your Vodafone phone as the phone will try to prompt you to turn off phone the screen, this may be cause when the phone is hung. You cannot turn off as the phone promts to confirm turn off but you cannot use screen, nothing you can do but let the phone run down the battery and restart then.