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 Galaxy S7 Phone not Charging

Phone wont charge galaxy S7

Samsugn Galaxy S7 is charging very slowly is because there are lots of apps running in the background. Close down all background Apps before charging. Also turn off the phone before charging it. It is also possible that the Galaxy S7 is charging slowly because it is getting very hot.



1. Check the plug and and if the plug is getting hot, if the plug is cold this would indicate the plug is not working or the phone is not getting power

2. Check the charging cable for any damage, the cable is usually one of the first thing to go.

3. The battery may need replacement, are their any lights coming on, on the samsung phone.


Samsung S7 charging slow

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4. The charging port can bend or get damaged, with a small light look in to the charging port for damage, is there any resistance when inserting the cable into the sumsumg phone.

5. There are also reports of moisture detected in Galaxy S7 charging port, giving the S7 wipe inside with a Q-tip just to see if it removes anything, then take some rubbing alcohol and dip the Q-tip to cleam the contact points