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 Internet Running Slow, Speed up Broadband

Broadband Speed Slow

Is your broadband very slow, here are some steps to take to speed up your broadband.

1. Do a broadband speed test and compare your broadband package against your broadband speed test results.

If your broadband speed test results is close to your broadband package, then you need to review your broadband package.


Internet running slow, it may not be your internet connection, you should download software to scan your computer for malware, also cleaning up your computer files will also speed up your computer. You should also scan your computer with up todate antivirus software


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Check your Broadband Speed, Compare Broadband Speed, Speed up your Boardband

Broadband Speed Slow
If your broadband is still slow, then try changing your DNS settings, You can change your DNS setting on your device or on the router. Most routers use the DNS setting from your IPS. Change these to Google DNS severs as follows
Google DNS:
Google DNS: