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 Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint

SharePoint Business Connectivity Services is a centralized infrastructure in SharePoint and Office that supports integrated data solutions. With Sharepoint Business Connectivity Services, you can use SharePoint and Office clients as interfaces into data that doesn’t live in SharePoint itself. For example, this external data may be in a database and it is accessed by using the out-of-the-box Business Connectivity Services connector for that database. Sharepoint Business Connectivity Services can also connect to data that is available through a web service, or data that is published as an OData source or many other types of external data. Business Connectivity Services does this through out-of-the box or custom connectors. The connectors, as the name implies, are the communication bridge between SharePoint and the external system that hosts the external data.


The Sharepoint BCS hybrid solution makes use of SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises solution. It integrates data from an on-premises OData service endpoint into a SharePoint Online tenancy


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BCS Sharepoint

SharePoint has several ways to present the external data. Probably the most common way is to present the data in an external list. External lists look and feel like regular SharePoint lists, except that they can only display external data. If you want to integrate external data alongside other data in a list or library, you would use an external data column.