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 Denial of Service Attack, DOS

DoS is used against a website or computer network to make it temporarily unresponsive. This is often achieved by sending so many content requests to the site that the server overloads. Content requests are the instructions sent, for instance, from your browser to a website that enables you to see the website in question. Some have described such attacks as the Internet equivalent of street protests and some groups, such as Anonymous frequently use it as a protest tool.


Distributed denial of service attack

A DoS using a number of separate machines. This can be accomplished by seeding machines with a Trojan and creating a botnet or, as is the case with a number of Anonymous attacks, by using the machines of volunteers.


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MS Exchange DOS Attack

DOS Email Attack, DOS Exchange

DOS email attach is sending thousands of emails to an exchange server, some hackers will also send very large emails to an exchange server in order to overload the exchange server.

It is recommanded to limit the size of emails accepted on an exchange server, also exchange should be confirured to limit the number of incoming connections to the server