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 Rootkit, Rootkit Symptoms, Rootkit Scanner

Rootkit Scanner

A rootkit is a set of software programs used to gain administrator-level access to a system and set up malware, while simultaneously camouflaging the takeover.


Rootkit Scanning and Removal

Detecting rootkit-like behavior can be tedious work. When searching your system memory, monitor all ingress points for invoked processes, keeping track of imported library calls (from DLLs) that may be hooked or redirected to other functions. If you want to be sure there is no rootkit on your PC or mobile device, you can download a rootkit scanner


Rootkit Searches

Rootkit Searches

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Rootkit Scanners, Rootkit Removal

Rootkits can lie hidden on computers, remaining undetected by antivirus software. Although new rootkits can be prevented from infecting the system, any rootkits present before your antivirus was installed may never be revealed. Download rootkit scanners and scan your computer

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